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Bayer opens application window for Grants4Ag sustainability-focused program

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01 July 2021, Monheim: Bayer announced today the opening of its application window for the company’s annual Grants4Ag initiative. For more than five years, the agricultural leader has offered researchers both financial and scientific support to develop their ideas for novel solutions to research and development challenges in agriculture. Since its inception in 2015, over 100 grants have been awarded. This year Bayer’s Grants4Ag winning projects will focus on advancing a more sustainable food system. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2021.

“Our 2020 Grants4Ag program exceeded our expectations in attracting top proposals across a range of R&D activities,” said Phil Taylor, Open Innovation Lead for the Crop Science division at Bayer. “At Bayer, we promote the responsible use of the world’s resources so this year our Grants4Ag program will support those commitments to advance a more sustainable food system by highlighting projects in that area.”

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Bayer’s Grants4Ag program does not have any reporting requirements and each applicant retains ownership of any intellectual property developed. Taylor says the company views these grants as an initial investment with the potential to become larger-scale, longer-term collaborations with Bayer.

In addition to receiving a grant (typically ranging from €5,000 to €15,000), successful applicants will partner up with a Bayer scientist who will provide guidance and feedback on the project. Previous grant recipients highlight this professional mentorship as setting the Grants4 program apart from traditional funding programs. 

“The Grants4Ag program is a great way to begin or boost a research project, “said Liz Skellam, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at North Texas University, who received a 2020 grant. “And the input from the Bayer team in arranging mentors and organizing regular updates is invaluable. Overall you get the freedom to work on a project of your choosing and develop it with the support of Bayer scientists.“

Last year’s program awarded 24 grants after receiving more than 600 submissions from 39 countries around the world. This year, during the submission process Bayer’s Grants4Ag program will again partner with Halo, a marketplace that helps companies connect with scientists through an intuitive, streamlined interface.

“We’re thrilled to once again support Bayer on this year’s Grants4Ag program,” said Kevin Leland, CEO and Founder of Halo. “We designed Halo as a partnering platform where researchers can join forces to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges, and we look forward to seeing how Bayer’s collaborations with universities and startups will advance sustainable development in agriculture.”

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