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Basfoliar® Colour SL – Biostimulant for fast and homogenous fruit colouration

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20 July 2021, USA: Basfoliar® Colour SL is a highly concentrated specialized potassium fertilizer with biostimulants to enhance the colouration of fruits, especially of red fruits and vegetables.

Basfoliar® Colour SL promotes uniform ripening through biostimulating substances and can thus reduce harvesting cycles. It also supports the formation of a higher sugar content in the fruits.

  • Fast and homogenous fruit colouration
  • Ensures early colour change
  • Improves ripening uniformity and overall quality
  • Reduces number of harvesting cycles
  • Enhances the general health of plants
  • Improves post-harvest shelf life
  • Free of chlorides, nitrates, and sulphates

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