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Australian grain growers have had many reasons to smile

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15 February 2022, AU: They’ve had high commodity prices under strong demand, good seasonal conditions in many parts of the country and a largely successful, well-yielding harvest. Elders is pleased to offer several solutions for growers considering their options for marketing their grain via Clear Grain Exchange. (CGX)

CGX offers the option of  deferred payment of sales proceeds for your warehoused grain, allowing an opportunity to both sell at the optimal time and recognise revenue when most appropriate, which is ideal for grain growers, says Managing Director, Nathan Cattle.

“With CGX you can separate your selling decision from your cashflow. With Australian grain in demand, deferred payment enables you to capitalise on market conditions and select the most suitable time for your business to receive proceeds,” he says.

Why choose CGX?

Through our relationship with CGX, Elders is pleased to offer growers an opportunity to be in complete control of grain marketing and sales, on a safe and secure online platform.

With CGX you can:

  • set the price you want for your grain
  • offer your grain to more than 400 buyers who are registered with CGX
  • enjoy payment security, as you retain title until payment is made
  • receive proceeds within seven business days of accepting an offer.

CGX is easy use and it’s free to register and offer at any time.

“CGX deferred payment terms offers protection against macro forces for your grain selling decisions. However, you still have the benefit to call on those funds at any time if your working capital circumstances change,” says Nathan.

When you defer payment of a grain sale through CGX, the proceeds are held in trust in your name. This means you can access your money at any time, and provides the ultimate flexibility and security for your business.

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