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Agrovista forges partnership with two leading agricultural charities

15 February 2022, UK: Agrovista is teaming up with two major agricultural charities, the Farming Community Network (FCN) and RSABI, to help support its farming customers through the unprecedented challenges and changes the agricultural sector is experiencing.

The aim is to help open up direct lines of communication between farmers who are heading towards or experiencing difficulties and the charities, to help them manage their way through the tough times and move forward.

The move dovetails perfectly with Agrovista’s recently launched and highly visible #ForOurGrowers campaign, celebrating the hard work of all involved in British farming and highlighting the integral role the company plays in helping them to put food on the nations’ tables.

Jodie Vale, Agrovista head of marketing, said: “Using our #ForOurGrowers campaign we want to show customers we are behind them every step of the way and that we stand with them ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

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“Given the increasing uncertainties within agriculture as well as everyday life, it makes perfect sense to take this a step further.

“Many farmers are facing increasing business and personal pressures that can, if left unchecked, seriously affect their and their families’ mental and physical wellbeing.

“We are inspired by the exceptional work that FCN and RSABI do to support farmers and growers every day. We hope that by partnering with them we can help spread the word that there is a sympathetic person at the end of the phone who understands farmers and rural life.”

FCN is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times.

Founded in 1995, the charity has evolved from just responding to farmers in crisis to providing a more proactive service, encouraging farmers to seek help before their situations worsen and helping them manage change and plan ahead.

Alex Phillimore, head of communications and development at FCN, said: “Supporting our world-class farmers through the changes ahead requires a collaborative approach.

“By working alongside Agrovista and RSABI as part of this partnership, we hope to highlight the many ways our charities can support people across agriculture and ensure farmers know they are part of a supportive community that is here to listen, talk and help.”

The service RSABI delivers ranges from financial and emotional support to practical help and is always given with respect, understanding and confidentiality.

RSABI, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, supports people who are currently, or have previously been, involved in farming, crofting and occupations involved in agriculture in Scotland.

RSABI Chief Executive Carol McLaren said: “We’re very grateful to Agrovista for their continued support and are delighted to partner with them alongside FCN.

“The industry is already facing many challenges, and there will be times of change in the years ahead. It is vital that people in Scottish agriculture know, whatever is around the corner, that RSABI is here for them as we have been for 125 years.”

Jodie added: “Everyone in the company is really enthused that we are supporting such worthy causes that really can make a difference to the lives of our customers.

“Some of our agronomists, as well as checking crops, find themselves being sounding boards for customers who want to talk about various problems.

“They sometimes feel out of their depth. But now they know can really make a difference by passing on information about the charities to the customers they think might benefit.”

FCN can be contacted confidentially on 03000 111 999 (7am-11pm every day of the year) and For more information please go to

RSABI’s helpline 0300 111 4166 is open from 7am to 11pm 365 days of the year. For more information please go to

Agrovista’s #ForOurGrowers campaign was launched at the end of 2021 to help promote the importance of the UK’s farmers and to highlight the company’s support for the sector. For more information please click here.

Newly designed liveries containing highly visible campaign messages can be seen across the UK on the company’s van and truck fleet.

Agrovista is also proud to be able to celebrate the hard work of farmers across the nation by continuing as headline sponsor of the Farmers Weekly Awards for next three years.