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Agritechnica Asia Live 2022 event organizers meeting

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16 June 2022, VN: In preparation for the Agritechnica Asia Live 2022 international event with the theme “Synchronized mechanization towards sustainable agriculture” scheduled to take place from August 24 to 26, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Thanh Nam chaired the meeting with the Event Organizing Committee and relevant units on June 13.

The Agritechnica Asia Live 2022 event is held with the goal of promoting mechanization and digital agriculture transformation towards sustainable agricultural production, as well as contribute to reshaping the agricultural production mindset into agricultural business in Vietnam. The focus is on creating an environment for farmers to quickly and effectively access the demonstrated modern technologies. Additionally, it aims to create opportunities for domestic and foreign businesses to promote products and equipment, promote exchange and cooperation in agriculture.

This event also expands the scale of 4.0 agricultural application, smart technology among farmers. The event also specifically aims to promote Vietnamese culture, country and its people to international friends.

This is a significant event for Vietnam and the Mekong Delta region in promoting the synchronous mechanization expected by the people of the Mekong Delta region. Promoting synchronous mechanization in agricultural production, applying smart and environmentally friendly technology towards digital transformation and automation in order to increase labor productivity is an necessary solution for an efficient and sustainable agricultural production development.

According to the plan drafted by the Organizing Committee, the event will see the participation of over 300 units, representing international organizations, domestic and foreign businesses, as well as farmers visiting to learn new experiences.

At the meeting, the units agreed that the event would be held at 2 locations: 1 demonstration site in the fields of good practice models on rice production combined with organizing a field workshop to introduce technology at the Mekong Delta Rice Institute and a venue for exhibitions, machinery displays, agricultural mechanization, international workshops, and symposia in Can Tho city.

Dr. Tran Ngoc Thach, Director of the Mekong Delta Rice Institute, said that the Institute is rapidly preparing the land and arranging a mechanization demonstration venue; the unit has also spent an area of ​​5 hectares to serve the demonstration.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc He, Vice Chairman of Can Tho City People’s Committee, assessed that the event is a great opportunity to introduce the cultural image of Vietnam as well as that of Can Tho city.

The event is considered the most unique to ever be held in the city. In addition to displaying agricultural machinery, demonstration models in the field, generating recognition for farmers and cooperatives, the event needs to be organized on a large scale, closely, and effectively.

“Along with foreign machines, farmers’ self-invented and modified machines should also be displayed at the exhibition. Because in practice, the fields in the Mekong Delta will be different from the fields of some countries”, Mr. He commented.

Can Tho City People’s Committee will set up an organizing committee to coordinate with the event organizer for Agritechnica Asia Live 2022, and provide support with vehicles, guidance, and ensuring security, traffic safety, tour guide for the event.

Deputy Minister Tran Thanh Nam emphasized that a press conference must be held to announce the event; he also requested to call on domestic and foreign businesses to participate, not only businesses in the field of mechanization, but also those in the field of biotechnology, fruit and vegetable processing plants, workshops on mechanization for fruit trees in Tien Giang, aquaculture in Soc Trang province, microbiology, etc serving the value chain of various industries.

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