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2022 China Seed Congress and Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum Held in Hainan

04 August 2022, China: The 2022 China Seed Congress and Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum was held in Sanya, Hainan Province, on July 28 -31. 

The Congress highlighted seed industry revitalization in China and development of agricultural silicon valley in Hainan Province. The Congress reviewed the progress in revitalizing the seed industry over the past year from multiple perspectives. Participants discussed and exchanged views on the preservation and utilization of germplasm, innovation and R&D breakthroughs, support for companies, capacity building for the breeding base in Sanya and crackdown on illegal marketing activities, development of agricultural silicon valley, among others. 

The Congress was composed of one main forum and 13 subforums. More than 2,000 officials, business executives and scholars discussed the direction, pathway and key tasks of seed industry by subsectors along the value chain.  

During the Congress, the China Seed Association and relevant Hainan authorities signed a framework agreement, which established Sanya City as the permanent venue for the Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum.  

An exhibition occupying 5.5 thousand square meters was open on the sidelines of the forum. Some 50 major seed companies were attracted to the exhibition, displaying new varieties, new technologies and latest achievements in seed sector.  

This year’s Congress was co-hosted by the MARA and other several authorities.  

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