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2021 China Seed Congress and Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum Convenes in Sanya

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22 March 2021, China: The 2021 China Seed Congress and Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley Forum kicked off in Sanya, Hainan Province on March 20. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, attended the conference and delivered a speech. It was emphasized at the conference that efforts must be made to earnestly implement the goals set forth by the Central Rural Work Conference and the Two Sessions, achieve high-quality development, and win a turnaround in the seed industry. 

It was pointed out at the conference that to develop the seed industry, national food security must be ensured and the effective supply of key agricultural and sideline products must be guaranteed. We should make breakthroughs, shore up weakness and build strength by following the rules of technological innovation in seed industry. First, national germplasm banks should be established to protect germplasm resources. Second, technological innovation shall be stimulated to push forward major projects on biological breeding at a higher speed, and advance the development of Nanfan Agricultural Silicon Valley. Third, seed companies should be made stronger and become a main actor in innovation, and collaboration among industry, academia and research institutions shall be encouraged. Fourth, agricultural bases shall be further developed to improve the emergency guarantee system for the supply of improved seed varieties. Fifth, market environment shall be improved so that intellectual property rights are properly protected and varieties are strictly managed.It also reiterated at the conference that going forward, it is important to study and manage the following relationships while developing the seed industry: 1) the relationship between government and the market. Improve supportive policies and energize market entities via reform; 2) the relationship between the central government and local governments. Promote cooperation and improvement across the entire industrial chain, and realize coordinated development nationwide; 3) the relationship between domestic and foreign markets. Encourage international cooperation in seed industry innovation, and welcome foreign companies to invest in the Chinese seed industry in accordance with relevant regulations; 4) the relationship between conventional and biological breeding. Make overall plans to advance both conventional and biological breeding in a coordinated way; 5) the relationship between innovation and protection. Further support innovation in the seed industry, and fully realize the role of market entities and research institutes in innovation. At the same time, protect germplasm resources and intellectual property.

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