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Nova Dairy Launches Initiative to Improve Animal Welfare in Cattle Supply Chain

11 July 2024, New Delhi: Nova Dairy has announced the launch of a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving animal welfare within its cattle supply chain.

Nova Dairy’s initiative will focus on educating farmers across various regions about the critical importance of animal welfare. By providing training and resources, the company aims to promote best practices in cattle management, ensuring that animals are treated with care and respect throughout their lives.

“Farmers are the backbone of our supply chain,” said Mr. Ravin Saluja, Director at Sterling Agro Industries Ltd., “We believe that by empowering them with knowledge and tools, we can collectively enhance the health and productivity of our cattle, leading to better outcomes for everyone involved, from the farmers to the end consumers.”

The health of dairy cattle directly influences the quality and quantity of milk produced. A stressed or unhealthy cow is less likely to produce milk efficiently, which can have significant economic implications for farmers. By focusing on animal welfare, Nova Dairy aims to create a more resilient and productive supply chain.

One of the key components of Nova Dairy’s initiative is advocating for the freedom of cattle to graze naturally. Research and practical experience have shown that cows that are allowed to roam and graze freely exhibit better mental and physical health compared to those that are confined.

“When cows are tied and restricted, they experience discomfort and stress, which negatively impacts their milk production,” explained Mr. Ravin Saluja. “In contrast, cows that graze freely not only produce more milk but also have better mental well-being. Our goal is to help farmers understand and implement this natural approach to cattle rearing.”

According to various studies, a restricted cow typically produces around 15-20 liters of milk per day, while a freely grazed cow can produce up to 25 liters per day. The increased milk production in free-grazing cows is attributed to their reduced stress levels and improved overall health. They produce higher milk yields due to reduced stress and better overall health, exhibit improved physical health with fewer diseases and lower veterinary costs, and experience enhanced mental well-being, showing fewer stress-related behaviors. The freedom to move and graze at will leads to a healthier and more productive life for the cattle, underscoring the importance of adopting free-grazing practices for improved dairy farming outcomes.

As part of the initiative, Nova Dairy will provide farmers with practical guidance on how to transition to free-grazing practices. This includes building or modifying existing infrastructure, such as fencing and shelters, to accommodate the natural behaviors of the cattle. Furthermore, Nova Dairy is committed to continuous research and development in animal welfare practices. By collaborating with veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and agricultural experts, the company aims to stay at the forefront of ethical dairy farming.

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