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Main Honeybee Species for Beekeeping in India; Which Species to Rear for Maximum Honey

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29 May 2024, New Delhi: There are five species found for beekeeping in India. For the selection of suitable species, it is necessary to select the right species according to the temperature and altitude of that area. If a farmer selects the native species of mountains for the plains and expects more production of honey from it, then it will not be possible.

  • Apis dorsata
  • Apis phlearia
  • Apis indica
  • Apis mellifera
  • Malapona trigona

Among these, the first four species are used for rearing. The bee of Malapona trigona species has no economic importance, it can collect only 20-30 grams of honey.

Apis dorsata – It is known as hill bee in local areas. This bee flies about 1200 m. It is found up to a height of 100 meters and builds hives only on big trees, old buildings, etc. It is difficult to rear it due to its dreadful nature and sharp sting. 30-40 kg of honey can be obtained from it in a year.

Apis floria – It is the smallest size bee and is known as Chhoti or Ladat Makkhi in the local language. It builds hives in bushes in the plains, corners of the roof, etc. Due to its small size, it can collect only 200 grams to 2 kg of honey.

Apis indica – It is a species of Indian origin and is found in hilly and plain areas. Its size is between Apis dorsata and Apis florea. It prefers to build homes in closed houses, caves, or hidden places. Bees of this species dislike light. 2-5 kg ​​of honey can be obtained from their hive in a year.

Apis malifeta – It is also called the Italian honey bee, it is an Indian continental species in size and nature. It is considered the best species for rearing because of its brown colour and hard-working habits. It has less habit of pecking and it can cover a distance of 2-2.5 km to get pollen and honey. On average, 50-60 kg of honey is obtained from this species of honey bee in a year. For maximum honey, it is beneficial to rear Apis malifeta species of honey bee.

Italian Honey

In the hive used in Italian beekeeping, there are about 40-80 thousand honey bees, which include one queen bee, a few hundred males and the rest are female bees.

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