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How can soybean farmers save their crop in heavy rain

06 July 2022, Bhopal: There are many steps that a farmers can take to protect their crops from heavy rains. Timely action can save the crop and also save your investment.

What to do soybean farmers in heavy rain

1. First of all, you have to keep an eye on the weather updates. If heavy rain is forecast in your area, be prepared to visit the farm and check for waterlogging. Keep checking your field during rains and don’t let the water stay in the field.

2. With 24 hours of heavy rain, wind speed up to 25 kmph can lead to crop fall, be alert. Do not allow water to fill the field.

3. If there is a problem of water logging, then make proper drainage system. You can make a way for the water to exit the field depending on the direction of the slope. This is usually done when the water starts filling in the field.

4. Due to the uncertainty of monsoon, for stability in production, it is advisable to sow soybean if possible with Broad Bed and Furrow (wide bed method) or ridge furrow so that production is not affected during drought/heavy rain.

5. It is necessary to keep the soybean field weed free during the initial 45-60 days to reduce the yield loss due to weeds. Therefore, farmers are advised to adopt suitable measures (mechanical weeding or recommended herbicide) for the management of monocot/dicot weeds in soybean.

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