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Following the Swedish success – Lantmännen launches Climate & Nature in Finland

14 September 2021, Sweden: Climate & Nature, Lantmännen’s cultivation programme for the Farming of the Future, is now being launched in Finland. The initial aim is to achieve a 15 percent climate footprint reduction of Finnish rye crops. This is the first expansion on a foreign market since the programme was initiated in 2015 and since then, the carbon footprint of Swedish wheat farming has been reduced by approximately 30 percent.

Climate & Nature is a Lantmännen programme for Farming of the Future that includes specific measures to reduce climate impact and boost biodiversity. The first step towards a more sustainable development within the Swedish farming was taken in 2015 with positive results from both an environmental and a commercial perspective. The fact that both Lantmännens’ own brands and external customers utilise the programme has been crucial and continues to be a prerequisite for the continued expansion in Sweden and beyond. To this end, the programme is now being launched on the Finnish market to contribute to further develop the Finnish food value chain, starting with rye cultivation.

“It is fantastic to see that we are continuing to take important steps forward to make the Farming of the Future a reality, today. By contracting farmers to farm in accordance with Climate & Nature, we can bring products to market that are both financially and environmentally sustainable. Next in line is the very popular Finnish rye bread,” says Claes Johansson, Director Sustainable Development at Lantmännen.

With Climate & Nature, we aim to be the leader in the development of the Farming of the Future, meet the demand for sustainable and climate friendly products, and create incentives for sustainable for a more sustainable farming.

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“The Climate & Nature programme has been a success in Sweden, which is why it is especially pleasing that we are now bringing it to more markets. Via close and fully committed cooperation with and between Lantmännen Agro, Lantmännen Cerealia, Lantmännen Unibake and Vaasan – that have facilitated the launch – we are now in a unique position from field to fork in Finland as well. From this position of strength we have great opportunities to positively influence the shift towards a more sustainable food sector in Finland – on our own as well as in cooperation with other parties,” says Per Arfvidsson, Executive Vice President Lantmännen.

Successful results have paved the way

Between 2015 and 2020, Lantmännen has reduced its climate footprint from wheat cultivation by almost 30 percent compared to conventional farming, while also creating more favourable conditions for both skylarks and insects. Cooperation with both Lantmännen’s own brands and external customers has been a driving force behind the development that has been achieved without compromising on crop yields or the high quality of the grain. Via contract growing, Lantmännen guarantees payment to farmers for both the crops and the measures implemented on their farm. “Both the harvest levels and climate benefits are measured on an ongoing basis and the fine results are a motivating force inspiring us to continue to develop a more profitable, sustainable and vibrant agriculture. Moving forward, we will continue with further initiatives in Sweden and at the same time, as now, expand our expertise on the Finnish market,” says Johansson.