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Alternative to Co 0238: Adopt New Varieties, Avoid Red Rot

25 June 2024, New Delhi: In view of the increasing outbreak of red rot disease, ICAR-Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (ICAR-IISR) has recommended several other varieties as a substitute for Co 0238 variety. Co 0238, called ‘Wonder Cane’, is now becoming unsuitable for cultivation due to this disease.

ICAR-IISR has suggested the following varieties as substitutes for Co 0238:

• CoLk 14201
• CoLk 15201
• CoS 13235
• Co 15023
• CoLk 11203
• CoLk 94184
• CoLk 11206
• CoLk 14204
• CoS 14233
• CoLk 12207

Seed Preparation and Treatment Procedure

For preparation of new seed, ICAR-IISR has suggested the following procedure:

1. Seed Selection: Select healthy and disease free sugarcane.

2. Seed Treatment: Treat the seed with systemic fungicide like thiophanate methyl (0.1%). This treatment helps in preventing seed borne infection.

3. Nursery Management: Seed nurseries should be raised with organic manure or vermicompost containing Trichoderma culture. The nurseries should be monitored by the sugar mill staff.

Disease Management Measures

1. Fungicide Spray: Between May and July, spray Thiophanate Methyl (0.1%) 2-3 times.

2. Crop Monitoring: Regularly monitor the crop around the affected areas and remove and destroy the diseased crop immediately.

3. Crop Rotation: Adopt rice-wheat or oilseed crop rotation for one season in the diseased areas.

Dr. R. Viswanathan, Director, ICAR-IISR, Lucknow stated that special attention should be paid to the quality of seed and farmers should be educated to use healthy seed. Dr. Dinesh Singh, Project Coordinator AICRP on Sugarcane, ICAR-IISR stated that entrepreneurship should be encouraged in seed production and distribution and a strong seed replacement programme should be implemented.

Future plans

ICAR-IISR has emphasized the need for a strong and dedicated seed replacement program, especially in red rot affected areas. Under this, farmers will be trained to use healthy and disease free seeds and entrepreneurship in seed production will be promoted.

By adopting such measures we can control the outbreak of red rot disease and protect sugarcane cultivation.

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