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Agoro Carbon Alliance launches its Kharif campaign in India on carbon farming

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By Nimish Gangrade for Krishak Jagat

03 May 2022, New Delhi: Agoro Carbon Alliance organised an on field event at Randoli, Karnal last week to mark its Kharif Season launch. The event also recognised the efforts of the farmers and channel partners who worked with Agoro Carbon in promoting carbon farming through sustainable agriculture.

Over 150 farmers attended the event to learn more about sustainable farming and generating carbon credits through farming. Farmers who worked with Agoro Carbon in Rabi season 2021 shared their experience and success with the attendees.

The firm aims to generate carbon credits through implementing sustainable farming practices in India starting with Punjab and Haryana. Carbon credits are generated by reducing emissions and capturing more carbon in soil which in turn will improve soil health. It’s a long term commitment from the grower to maintain sustainable agricultural practices which will result in reduced input cost, better soil health, improved productivity and increase in income.

In the recent Rabi season, the firm covered about 200 acres under its regenerative agriculture demonstration program to understand Indian farming practices and implement its sustainable practices.

During the event, Agoro Carbon Alliance announced the launch of Agoro Carbon Mitra program for the farmers. The growers implementing Agoro Carbon’s regenerative agriculture demonstrations in their field will be ambassadors for the program. They will also be the community leaders and representatives of Agoro Carbon Alliance for the current cropping season in Punjab and Haryana.

Anastasia Pavlovic, COO, Agoro Carbon Alliance, said, “Farmers in India are highly participative and proactive. We observed the enthusiasm in each and every farmer to accept and adopt sustainable practices of farming. They want to learn more and implement the best practices of farming which motivates us to work harder with them.”

Prithviraj Sen Sharma, Managing Director of Agoro Carbon Alliance India, said, “We are delighted to move ahead with the launch of Kharif season. The event was to honour our grower friends who have been a part of our journey to make the transition to climate-positive practices and produce in a sustainable way. Our Agoro Carbon Mitra’s will assist the potential farmers who are looking for guidance and support for sustainable farming practices. They will enable Agoro Carbon farmers & prospect growers with agronomic knowledge & provide day-to-day assistance in adopting sustainable and carbon farming practices.”

Anastasia also honoured Mrs. Saroj Kalra as Agoro Carbon Mahila Kisan, an initiative launched at the event to give women farmers a platform to empower them with knowledge of sustainable & carbon farming practices.

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