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5 Things to Consider as Canadian Harvest Begins

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23 August 2022, Canada: Harvest in Canada is already underway; for others, those activities are fast approaching. Harvest is the perfect time to evaluate results and the decisions you made throughout the growing season.

Take time as the combine  rolls through the field to note key details about this year’s production while they are fresh in your mind. Here are a few topics for consideration as the growing season concludes.

1. Weed, Disease and Insect Pressure

Scout and evaluate the weeds, diseases and insect damage present at harvest. After evaluating the pesticide program used throughout the year,  was control acceptable? Are there opportunities for improvement next year?

Is there a need to utilize different actives or start incorporating new modes of action? Check grain quality to ensure that disease and insects weren’t a big factor throughout the growing season.

2. Fertility Program

Assess the plants and the grain being harvested. Did the fertility program throughout the season support anticipated yields and support quality grain?

Have nutrient  deficiencies been identified, and is there a need to consider tissue testing throughout the growing season? 

3. Soil Sampling and Testing 

Consider soil testing at the same time each year to ensure proper fertility. Soil tests can also be valuable to identify  select areas of the field with issues that need to be corrected. 

4. Equipment Performance

Machinery that is not properly calibrated, or worn out can also have a significant impact on planting and harvest. Using incorrect equipment can potentially lead to soil compaction or other issues.

Did you have any concerns with equipment and final results during cultivation, planting, spraying and harvesting? Is it time to consider updating or adjusting equipment to improve on-farm efficiency or soil health? 

5. Planning for Next Year

Are there weeds that need to be controlled post harvest?  Fall is a great time to target specific weeds that can be challenging to control. FBN Direct has numerous post harvest herbicide options to control a wide range of weeds.

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