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5 Brands Revolutionizing Fresh Fruit Retail Wastage Reduction Solutions

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29 May 2024, New Delhi: Several innovative brands are transforming fresh fruit retail by introducing groundbreaking solutions to reduce wastage. Companies like Fresh from Farm, Super Plum, Fruitfal, Sorted and GreenPod Labs are at the forefront of this revolution. They utilize technology and sustainable practices to extend shelf life, sell surplus produce, and connect consumers with discounted surplus, significantly cutting down on fruit waste and promoting a more sustainable food system.

Fresh From Farm

Fresh From Farm (F3), a New Delhi-based B2B2C platform, is leading the charge in reducing fresh fruit waste. F3 delivers the freshest fruits directly from farms to retailers at competitive prices. F3 allows retailers to concentrate solely on sales, drastically cutting down fruit wastage. The company’s innovative approach bypasses the traditional complexities of local Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs), providing hassle-free doorstep deliveries.

F3’s streamlined supply chain ensures high quality and transparency, bolstering consumer trust in its branded “F3 Fruits.” This disruption of the traditional fruit retail space fosters loyalty and confidence among consumers. Currently, Fresh From Farm serves 400 vendors daily in the Delhi-NCR region, focusing on local street vendors and small format stores. Strategic growth will enhance F3’s efficient distribution system and solidify its nationwide presence, showcasing its commitment to reducing fresh fruit waste.

GreenPod Labs

GreenPod Labs is dedicated to reducing food waste and losses in India through cutting-edge biotechnology. The company has developed an innovative active packaging solution that significantly extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables during transport and storage, optimizing the entire farm-to-fork supply chain.

GreenPod Labs’ biotech-based packaging is both cost-effective and efficient, capable of extending the shelf life of produce by 50 to 80% at room temperature. This eliminates the need for cold storage, making it an accessible and practical solution for farmers and distributors. By maintaining the freshness of crops longer, GreenPod Labs addresses one of the most critical challenges in the agricultural sector—food spoilage.


Fruitfal is at the forefront of transforming the agri-sourcing landscape through its advanced predictive AI demand forecasting platform for both fresh and processed products. By leveraging cutting-edge cloud and mobile technologies, Fruitfal addresses the complexities of fragmented agricultural value chains, effectively tapping into the $100 billion Indian market. 

A standout feature of Fruitfal is its introduction of India’s first digital system for evaluated, authenticated, and traceable product standards. This groundbreaking system ensures that all products meet stringent quality criteria, building a trusted and reliable value chain. Consumers can have confidence in the quality and authenticity of the agricultural products they purchase, thanks to this traceability.


Sorted, a Gurugram, Haryana-based company, is transforming access to fresh fruits and vegetables while focusing on reducing waste. Established in 2022, Sorted operates a B2B2BC model that connects end customers with farm-fresh produce through a high-density network of mom-and-pop stores—the Sorted franchisees.

The Sorted team is dedicated to developing a cost-efficient, scalable model that addresses industry-wide challenges such as product wastage. By sourcing directly from farmers, Sorted ensures the delivery of high-quality fruits and vegetables to consumers. Sorted’s innovative model democratizes fresh food distribution, making quality produce accessible to more neighborhoods. The company’s commitment to efficiency and frugality helps tackle wastage in a sustainable and impactful manner, one community at a time.

Super Plum

Founded in 2019, Superplum is revolutionizing India’s produce supply chains with a focus on reducing food waste and enhancing fruit quality. Utilizing proprietary technology and advanced cold-chain infrastructure, Superplum has developed a direct-from-farm supply chain that significantly improves how produce is grown, transported, and sold.

Superplum offers a variety of fruits, including mangoes, litchis, apples, grapes, cherries, and plums. The company ensures traceability, allowing consumers to access pesticide test reports for each batch and track the fruit’s journey from farm to table. This transparency builds consumer trust and ensures high-quality produce.

Superplum’s vertically integrated cold chain technology extends the shelf life of fruits, making fresh produce available nationwide and reducing waste.

In conclusion, their initiatives not only address the critical issue of food waste but also contribute to a more efficient and sustainable food supply chain, benefiting the environment, retailers, and consumers alike. Collectively, they are paving the way for a more resilient and environmentally conscious approach to fresh fruit retail.

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