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UPL and Datagro announce the launch of Movimento Cana Brasil

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18 November 2022, São Paulo: UPL and Datagro announced the launch of Movimento Cana Brasil. The objective is to bring together leaders and producers to discuss guidelines, strategies, actions, and communications in favor of products and services from the sugar-energy sector. 

This is the sector that contributes the most CO2 to the atmosphere.

“We propose to help reduce emissions by 43% by 2030. This percentage is equivalent to planting six billion trees, saving US$300 million in fossil fuels, and generating 1.4 million jobs, according to data based on RenovaBio. This policy will be used to guide the movement,” stated Rogério Castro, CEO of UPL Brasil.

“We are talking about sugarcane and all its by-products, such as ethanol, biomass, biogas, biomethane, and green hydrogen. The sector has a lot to contribute to sustainable production, and UPL wants to be prominent on this front,” affirmed Castro at the presentation event of the initiative, made during the 22nd Datagro International Conference on Sugar and Ethanol, in São Paulo. The consultancy Datagro is a partner of UPL in the movement.

Eduardo Mazzieri, Director of Operational Marketing at UPL, highlighted the company’s various fronts focused on sustainable production, such as the Natural Plant Protection (NPP) division, the Pronutiva program, Ag Value Chain and the Gigaton Carbon Goal movement. “Our BioSolutions enhance productive results and, with several collaborative initiatives, we want to be even more connected with the other agents in the chain to add even more value to it.”

“Movimento Cana Brasil recognizes the strength and importance of a thriving, highly productive, and technological sector, which is an example of production with environmental and social responsibility. We are going to take this message to the world,” pointed out Rogério Melo, Carbon and Chain Manager of Food Value of the UPL.

Plinio Nastari, CEO of Datagro, spoke of the importance of participating in Movimento Cana Brasil with UPL, contributing to investment in sustainable production in the country. He pointed out that the mills present at the launch event represented 100 million tons of sugarcane, with 2.5 million hectares of sugarcane, and they participate in 20% of production in the Center-South. “But the plan is bolder. We want to add plants from all over the country to this movement. Our strength is immense.”

The presentation to the market of Movimento Cana Brasil was attended by five-time champion Cafú, UPL ambassador for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, of which the company is a regional sponsor. “Agriculture is now my field,” Cafu said. “Whenever I discover a new sector, such as sugar and alcohol, I am more impressed with the strength of Brazilian agribusiness.”

“Our OpenAg purpose clearly expresses UPL’s positioning. We are an open innovation company that believes in partnerships and the sum of efforts. We want to unite the sugar and alcohol chain in this ambitious movement, but extremely positively for the planet’s future,” CEO Rogerio Castro said. 

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