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UPL and CHR. Hansen announce launch of zoatin – a bionutritional to increase crop health and yield

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  • ZOATIN is the first product from UPL’s global partnership with Chr. Hansen to develop microbial biosolutions, exemplifying UPL’s OpenAg® network’s commitment to collaboration
  • ZOATIN is part of the comprehensive portfolio of biosolutions housed by UPL’s Natural Plant Protection (NPP)
  • ZOATIN is a naturally derived biosolution to improve crop health, overcome biotic and abiotic stress and reduce environmental impacts by facilitating plant phosphorous uptake and utilisation.

24 May 2022, London, UK: ZOATIN is the first product launched as part of UPL’s partnership with global bioscience company Chr. Hansen to develop microbial biosolutions that will help growers around the world fight pests and diseases, and sustainably improve crop quality and yields.

ZOATIN is a bacterial-based technology that works by solubilising otherwise unavailable forms of phosphorous in the soil to improve the ability of crops to take up and utilise the nutrient for maximum yield and improved crop health. Extensive trials have shown that the application of ZOATIN directly contributes to optimal root development and improved crop resilience against biotic and abiotic stresses such as drought, while also increasing water use efficiency.

ZOATIN is part of the comprehensive portfolio of biosolutions housed by UPL’s Natural Plant Protection (NPP). It can be applied to a range of crops including maize, rice, potatoes, pulses and a variety of vegetables using in-furrow, seedling drench or drip irrigation application at the time of seeding. It can be integrated with other crop solutions for improved crop yield, quality and grower profitability.

Mike Frank, President and COO at UPL, said: “We’re proud to collaborate with the innovative team at Chr. Hansen to introduce the first product of this strategic partnership as part of our OpenAg purpose. ZOATIN has proven to effectively grow healthier crops, it also provides environmental benefits by ensuring phosphate fertilisers are used more efficiently by crops, thus reducing nutrient waste. This can help to reduce the adverse impacts that phosphate fertilisers can have on water sources.”

Kim Müller Christensen, SVP Animal and Plant Health and Nutrition at Chr. Hansen, said: “Since Chr. Hansen and UPL announced a strategic collaboration, the teams have been working on bringing more sustainable solutions to farmers globally. The launch of ZOATIN in India is the

first output of this collaboration, in which we are building a strong portfolio within biopesticides, biostimulants and bionutritionals.”

The collaboration between UPL and Chr. Hansen was first announced in October 2021. Through the partnership, UPL is using its global presence to undertake research and identify opportunities and product concepts to address farmers’ needs. From these insights, Chr. Hansen is designing biological products based on their microbial capabilities that UPL will register and commercialise via its extensive global distribution network.

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