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Syngenta Rolls Out Upgraded Resource for Crop Protection and Disease Scouting

Through this online resource, growers can make informed decisions about their fungicide applications by using the disease ID guide and accessing local trial information.

10 July 2024, USA: Syngenta announced today that its newest online resource for all things disease management and planning is now available on This latest website update will enable users to discover a variety of tools that can help them make the most educated decisions for improving the overall health of their corn, soybean and wheat crops.

One of the newest additions is the disease ID guide. Users can browse this guide to not only identify the diseases present in their fields but to also understand which may be prevalent in their region. The guide provides information that discusses the signs, symptoms and potential solutions for diseases to help with scouting and management.

“It really is a one-stop spot for everything growers may need to learn about a disease and their fungicide applications for the year,” said Logan Romines, Syngenta fungicide product lead. “They can see what diseases are of concern in their area, as well as the identifying factors of those diseases. If they aren’t quite positive about which disease they’re seeing, the guide can help them confirm what the disease is and what steps to take to protect their yield.”

The disease ID guide isn’t the only new resource on the updated website. Users also have access to a catalog of local Cleaner & Greener* fungicide trial results and a calculator to compare their potential fungicide return on investment.

“Every growing season comes with a multitude of unpredictable challenges, but understanding which fungicide works best in your field helps protect your bottom line,” says Tyler Harp, Ph.D., Syngenta fungicide technical product lead. “By tapping in to our online tools, you can see the benefits of using specific Cleaner & Greener fungicides,* which contain exclusive Adepidyn® and Solatenol® technologies, and calculate how those benefits will create results at the end of the season for a more confident decision.”

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