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Syngenta and Intrinsyx Bio to Offer New Biological Solution to Boost Crops’ Nutrient Use Efficiency

10 July 2024, Switzerland: Syngenta Biologicals, a leader in cutting-edge agricultural biological solutions and Intrinsyx Bio, a Silicon Valley biotech company that promotes sustainable agriculture, today announced a collaboration to bring a novel biological solution to agricultural markets globally.

The collaboration will boost farmers’ access to a custom selection of Intrinsyx Bio’s proprietary endophyte formulations. Endophytes – small microorganisms that colonize in plants – fix atmospheric nitrogen directly into the plant, increasing the availability and uptake of key nutrients such as phosphorus and micronutrients that are important for plant health. This reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, offering farmers greater flexibility in their nutrient management strategies while lowering the environmental impact of farming. Formulations will be offered as seed treatment and foliar application in key agricultural crops.

“This collaboration reflects Syngenta’s commitment to transforming the future of agriculture, with innovations that improve the sustainability of farming,” said Jonathan Brown, Global Head of Syngenta Biologicals and Seedcare. “We’re particularly excited to offer a broad range of formulations that will help farmers take the care of young plants to the next level, while protecting the health of their soil.”

“This agreement represents another opportunity to expand the reach of our ‘biology that works.’ Partnering with Syngenta allows farmers around the world to benefit from endophytes proven mode of action and extensive field testing that improves nutrient use efficiency and increases crop yields,” said Greg Thompson, CEO of Intrinsyx Bio.

Syngenta has been investing significantly in strengthening its portfolio of biological solutions for both plant and seed health. Since its acquisition of Valagro in 2020, it has continued to invest heavily in research and development, while expanding its portfolio of cutting-edge biological solutions through various commercial and research collaborations. These efforts also reflect Syngenta’s commitment to helping agriculture achieve higher yields with lower environmental impact – a core pillar of Syngenta Group’s Sustainability Priorities.

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