Crop Protection

Spring Bean Disease Control

28 June 2024, UK: Most spring bean crops look green and healthy on the surface, but delve a bit deeper into the canopy and the first signs of rust spots are clearly visible on leaves, warns Syngenta Technical Manager, Simon Jackson.

With hot dry weather initial infections could rapidly develop and hit upper leaves that are essential to drive pod development and yields. 

When crops have reached first pod set is the ideal timing to get ELATUS Era protection in place to stop rust spores spreading, as well as limiting low levels of chocolate spot from developing.

Maintaining healthy green leaf with ELATUS Era will enable pod fill in this season’s good spring beans crops. A two-spray strategy, with a follow up fungicide treatment after 21-28 days, will maximise results, he suggests.

While black bean aphid numbers are also building on some plants, populations of beneficial predators are working effectively. Growers and agronomists will need to assess each crop to decide if control measures are warranted, Simon adds.     

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