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Shriram Farm Solutions Launches 5 New Products

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03 June 2024, New Delhi: Shriram Farm Solutions, a division of the DCM Shriram Ltd. has launched its 5 new crop protection and specialty plant nutrition products. The event took place in Pushkar in Rajasthan, where prominent channel partners from the region convened to witness the launch.

To strengthen its insecticide portfolio, the company announced Shriram Saisho (Dinotefuran 70% WG), Shriram Chrone (Tetraniliprole 10.08% w/w + Thiacloprid 30.25% w/w SC), and Shriram Trexter (Spinetoram 11.7%SC). These insecticides are patented and provide enhanced crop protection against prominent sucking and chewing pests in row crops and horticultural crops. Designed to minimize resistance development, these products promote healthier crops and higher yields.

Addressing the challenges associated with weed management and cost elevation due to manual operations, Shriram Farm Solutions has introduced Shriram Bikuta (Pyrithiobac Sodium 6% + Quizalofop Ethyl 4% MEC), an early post-emergent selective herbicide designed to combat both broad-leaved and narrow-leaved weeds in cotton crops. This product is formulated with two highly effective, active ingredients and an ME formulation, offering an economical solution for growers.

In the Specialty Plant Nutrition (SPN) segment, Shriram Farm Solutions introduced Shriram Protobuz+, a product developed by incorporating the patented delivery technology ‘Nano Liquid Technology’ from the United States. Shriram Protobuz+ promises speed of action and effectiveness, translating into enhanced profits for growers. With its remarkable performance, Shriram Protobuz+ has the tagline “Rocket jaisa kaam, Raftar ka dusra naam.

Mr. Sanjay Chabbra, Executive Director & Business Head said “As Shriram Farm Solutions continues to push the boundaries of agricultural innovation, these new product launches align with the company’s commitment to empowering growers with cutting-edge solutions that address their evolving needs and drive sustainable agricultural practices”.

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