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Revus first for new Evopac delivery

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05 June 2023, UK: Potato growers will be the first to experience the new Syngenta Evopac this season, with Revus now supplied in the innovative packaging.

The Evopac makes all spraying operations simpler and safer, while also being fully compatible with any closed transfer system (CTS) using the industry-standard easyconnect coupling.

Find out more about the Evopac

Ease of handling packaging and fast sprayer filling is essential for timely Revus applications to effectively prevent blight in potatoes, often in difficult weather conditions conducive to the disease pathogens.

Designed in close collaboration and with feedback from practical sprayer operators in the UK, the Evopac includes a range of features for ease of handling and safe use.

The ergonomic pack includes handles that are designed to rotate for left or right-handed operators, as well as being large enough to work easily when wearing protective gloves. The handle design enables operators to easily remove packs from the box, as well as to carry multiple packs.

Hands free operation

A translucent pack allows operators to clearly see the contents, along with graduations of measurements marked upwards and downwards. This shows remaining contents when pouring manually, or when using upside down on a CTS dispenser to measure part packs. The clear pack means operators can visually check that the container has rinsed fully.

When used in conjunction with a CTS – as will increasingly become the norm for operators – Revus can be transferred into the sprayer without the need to open or pour the container manually, thereby eliminating the risk of associated spills or any operator exposure.

With its centre dispensing outlet, the symmetrical Evopac design is balanced and stable when mounted on the CTS. It also facilitates automatic container rinsing that ensures all the product ends up in the tank and working in the field, as well as creating clean packaging for 100% recycling. The easyconect caps on the Evopac are made from the same material as the bottle, so can be left on to drain and recycle together.

Sprayer operator experience

For leading sprayer operator, Iain Robertson, the wind and weather are the key challenges in achieving timely fungicide applications. “The three advantages that I see a closed transfer system bringing to me are, it’s quicker, it’s easier and it is safer.

“With the sealed unit you’ve completely eliminated any possibility of point source contamination, It’s so quick and easy you can be doing three things at once. In my experience we are looking at about a 30% increase in time saving over a traditional fill method,” he added.

Former Syngenta FSOOTY winner, Andrew Myatt, highlights the short growing season at Stowell Park in the Cotswolds demands more efficient use of the sprayer to achieve applications on time. “The CTS is by far the easiest to use. The system has been very successful because it just saves time.   Reducing operator exposure was a plus plus for me.”

Andrew also believes good stewardship of product use, through factors such as packaging and closed transfer, could help maintain active ingredients for growers’ use in the future.

First deliveries on farm

Revus is the first product in the UK to benefit from the exciting new Evopac. Over the coming years Evopac will become the standard packaging for all Syngenta products supplied in 1, 5 and 10 litre liquid packs.

Revus is also approved for control of mildew in salad and brassica vegetable crops – view the full crop details on the product label. 

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