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Improved Potato Crop Uniformity using Drip Irrigation, Rivulis Trial Reveals

29 June 2024, USA: Two successful trials conducted in Greece aimed at improving potato farming efficiency during spring and winter cultivating periods have demonstrated the effectiveness of Rivulis’ advanced drip irrigation technologies.

This global staple food is humble but a healthy tuber and is one of the most commercially grown crops in the world with approximately 375 million tons produced each year! The trials compared Rivulis’ drip irrigation solutions with the common method of overhead irrigation using sprinklers, which is prevalent in Greece for potato cultivation.

Rivulis focused on testing Rivulis’ system with two different water sources and two distinct types of soil. In the spring trial, river water was used for irrigation in sandy soil, while in the winter trial, a drill was employed for water in clay soil.

Both projects meant deploying the same Rivulis drip irrigation system, designed to accommodate field parameters such as plant and line spacing, and specific potato varieties (‘Vogue’ and ‘Liseta’) meant for the fresh market.

The results of both trials were remarkable in yield and quality. During the spring trial, both systems produced an impressive total yield of 53 tons per hectare, outperforming the area’s average yield of 45 tons per hectare, with the same variety and conditions. However, an in-depth analysis revealed key differences: the Drip system achieved a higher marketable yield and better average potato weight when compared to the Sprinkler system.

Similarly, during the winter trial, the drip system achieved a higher yield compared to the sprinkler system, with respective differences also in marketable yield.

These results highlight the efficiency of Rivulis’ drip irrigation solutions in optimizing water usage, minimizing losses, improving input efficacy, and enhancing marketability across different conditions (season, soil, water source, etc.).

The implementation of drip irrigation not only resulted in higher potato yields but also showcased a remarkable reduction in water consumption. Specifically, the drip system utilized 18% less water during the spring season and 40% less water during the winter season compared to sprinklers.

These trials demonstrate Rivulis’ commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.

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