Crop Protection

Howler fungicide receives expanded label for broader use and application flexibility

21 April 2022, New York: Howler® fungicide, the first product from agricultural innovator AgBiome, has been granted EPA approval for an updated label with expanded crops, disease targets and application flexibility. This new label brings the addition of 20 new crops, new pathogens and new use patterns for both aerial and seed treatment applications and exciting news on pollinator safety.

Even more specialty crop growers will be able to unleash the power of Howler on their soil-borne and foliar diseases with Howler’s expanded label featuring key crops like hops, sugar beets, oilseed crops, and ornamentals. 

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Howler’s list of targeted pathogens grows three-fold with this new label, inclusive of those listed on a FIFRA Sec 2ee label issued in 2021. The updated label adds to Howler’s expansive list of pathogens that frequently affect high-value crops, including downy and powdery mildews, rusts, and Botryosphaeria.

The increased application flexibility on the new label will allow growers to apply Howler at any time of day and any crop stage. This new label also brings the removal of a previous caution statement around application in the presence of active pollinators, officially confirming Howler as pollinator safe. 

Complete list of new crops: Artichoke, asparagus, hemp, cereal grains, coffee, hops, non-grass animal feeds, oilseed crops, pomegranate, sugar beet, sugarcane, watercress, avocado, mango, bananas, plantains, kiwifruit, papaya, pineapple, and ornamentals.

Complete list of new pathogens: Alternaria, downy mildews, Pestalotiopsis, powdery mildews, Ascochyta, Botryosphaeria, Monilinia , Phomopsis, shot hole, Septoria, Fusicladium, Guignardia, spur blight, gummy stem blight, and rusts.