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Grow More Experience sites demonstrate the importance of agronomist expertise

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16 June 2022, US: To help growers address challenges this season, Grow More Experience sites across the U.S. are showcasing how agronomist expertise and flexible, innovative crop protection practices may help improve yield potential, economic return and crop safety.

“Being flexible is one of the most important aspects of this season,” says Jami Loecker, Syngenta agronomy service manager. “One of the benefits of the Syngenta Crop Protection portfolio is we can adapt the timing of our applications or the product depending on which disease or insect pests actually show up throughout the season.”

From overly wet conditions across much of the eastern half of the country to drought plaguing the western half, unpredictable early-season weather delayed planting and made it difficult for growers to stick with their initial plans. And while commodity prices are good, the cost of doing business is on the rise. This emphasizes the need for growers to be even more flexible when making choices for their crop inputs under the many variables in production this year, in order to maximize potential return on investment.

Growers should consider these tips from Syngenta experts to help combat weather-related difficulties this season:

  • Scout early and often for key pests. Unfavorable early-season conditions are likely to cause difficulties in herbicide activation, contributing to an increased risk of poor stand establishment, which can lead to heavy pest pressure and potentially higher than average levels of disease.
  • Consider the importance of overlapping residuals and managing herbicide resistance by using products with different sites of action. When determining a management plan, growers should take a holistic look at the common weed problems they have seen over the last several seasons.
  • Avoid shortchanging fields with rigid program bundles, and research products to determine the best fit for each field’s needs to get the most yield potential out of every acre.
  • Keep in regular contact with local experts and growers in the area who can provide insight into new pest pressures and management options.

“Having a trusted agronomic adviser will be even more crucial this season,” says Leon Hunter, Syngenta agronomy service manager. “When plan A doesn’t work out, a local expert can help brainstorm a plan B to help manage a wide range of yield robbers.”

Growers and retailers looking to connect with an agronomic expert can visit their nearest Grow More Experience site to get a firsthand look at Syngenta and competitor product trials and learn about new technologies.

Those in the Midwest and Plains regions can also access insights any time through the Grow More Experience Virtual Tours. The content features local agronomic videos, photos, trial data and results.

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