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FMC India Launches Two New Fungicides Velzo and Cosuit for Fruits and Vegetables

27 June 2024, New Delhi: FMC India has launched two new fungicide products Velzo® and Cosuit® designed to protect fruits and vegetable crops from destructive fungi diseases right from the beginning of the crop cycle.

FMC India Launches Two New Fungicides Velzo and Cosuit for Fruits and Vegetables

Velzo® (Technical: Valifenalate 6% + Mancozeb 60% WG) fungicide is registered for use in grapes, tomato, and potato crops. It is expected to provide unmatched early protection from Oomycete fungus that causes blight and downy mildew diseases, enabling plants to grow more healthily and to be more productive.

Velzo® with its unrivaled efficacy, long-lasting control, and consistent results is expected to help farmers achieve higher yields and obtain the best prices for their high-quality produce.

Cosuit® (Technical: Copper Hydroxide 61.41% WG) fungicide caters to important commercial crops like grapes, paddy, tomato, chili and tea. It is a specialized solution for effective protection against fungal diseases. COSUIT® fungicide is an advanced formulation that releases higher bio-available copper, offering strong contact action for broad-spectrum and quick disease control. COSUIT® fungicide delivers better and longer duration control of fungal diseases and plays an important role in disease resistance management.

Ravi Annavarapu, FMC India President, said, “At FMC India, we are committed to revolutionizing agriculture by addressing growers’ challenges through advanced solutions. Our innovations, VELZO® and COSUIT® fungicides exemplify that commitment – both products are superior formulations that offer broad-spectrum disease control. FMC India continues to innovate and excel, providing farmers with tools that enhance their productivity and contribute to a more balanced agricultural ecosystem. We are confident that VELZO® and COSUIT® fungicides will redefine crop solutions within India’s agricultural landscape.”

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