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FMC Corporation recognized at 2022 World BioProtection Awards

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04 June 2022, Philadelphia: FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC), an agricultural sciences company, was recognized with the top honor in the Best Biostimulant Product category at the 2022 World BioProtection Awards for its Accudo® biostimulant. Awards across nine categories recognized outstanding accomplishments in the field of biopesticides and their positive impact on crop protection at the World BioProtection Summit in Birmingham, UK.

Accudo® is a microbial biostimulant and strong root colonizer that enables growers to maximize crop quality and yield. The use of this unique and versatile biostimulant has demonstrated more than 15 percent yield increase, improved crop appearance and vigor, strong early establishment and enhanced crop development under select stress conditions.

“We are pleased that Accudo® biostimulant has been recognized with this prestigious award,” said Dr. Bénédicte Flambard, global director of FMC Plant Health. “Biostimulants are important tools for growers and are foundational components in FMC’s biologicals portfolio. Leveraging FMC’s expertise and core capabilities, we are discovering and developing biologicals that can help crops overcome difficult growing conditions, fight pests and disease, and assist in regulating a plant’s uptake of nutrients and water. FMC is helping growers around the globe witness the incredible benefits of biologicals while demonstrating how biologicals work hand-in-hand with synthetics in an integrated approach.”

Accudo® biostimulant is currently available from FMC in South Korea, Greece, Turkey and Germany.

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