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Emerging pathogens threaten crops, cattle and farmers’ ROI

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As ear rots become more common and steal more corn yield, Syngenta shares recommendations for managing mycotoxins and maximizing silage return on investment.

23 May 2024, Greensboro: With both cattle and corn prices constantly fluctuating, maximizing silage yield and quality, preserving plant health, and minimizing mycotoxins have become critical.

Two mycotoxin-causing threats ― Fusarium ear rot and Gibberella ear rot ― made the list for biggest yield-robbing diseases in 2023. Fusarium ear rot caused the loss of an estimated 46.9 million bushels last year, while Gibberella resulted in the loss of an estimated 49.4 million bushels1. The mycotoxins caused by each disease, Fumonison and Deoxynivalenol (DON), respectively can also result in additional losses at the grain elevator if levels are high.

“These diseases infiltrate the crop and diminish its overall integrity, limiting its potential for successful silage use post-harvest due to excess mycotoxin levels,” Tyler Harp, Ph.D., Syngenta technical product lead said. “We are seeing more reports of ear and stalk rots, which could correspondingly increase the amount of mycotoxin levels in silage. Most farmers rely on cultural practices such as hybrid selection and crop rotation to manage mycotoxins, but a fungicide can also be a solution.”

Miravis® Neo fungicide is one of the only fungicides in the U.S. labelled to successfully manage Fusarium ear rot and lower mycotoxin levels associated with the disease. This results in benefits to corn production. “In trials, we’ve seen lower mycotoxins and increased silage tons,” Harp said.

In a trial measuring impact on silage, Miravis Neo applied at R1 delivered up to a 5.4 silage ton advantage in untreated corn and a 2.9 silage ton advantage over another treatment in corn2. For corn growers who also manage cattle, or market silage, reduced mycotoxin levels and increased available silage can represent a unique opportunity to benefit multiple areas of their operation.

“Powered by the exclusive active ingredient ― ADEPIDYN® technology, Miravis Neo is an all-around solution for corn and silage growers,” Logan Romines, Syngenta product lead said.

“As one of our Cleaner & Greener fungicides, it delivers superior broad-spectrum disease control and powerful plant-health benefits in corn and soybeans. When you combine that with the mycotoxin management and increased silage tons, Miravis Neo can really help boost your bottom line.”

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