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Decco® receives EPA registration for Decco DMN Aerosol™ for potato

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06 January 2022, California: Decco U.S. Post-Harvest, Inc. the post-harvest affiliate of UPL Limited, announces the launch of Decco DMN Aerosol at the 2022 Potato Expo in Anaheim. Decco adds the new EPA-registered product to its growing potato storage portfolio available across North America.

Decco DMN Aerosol, as part of an overall potato storage program, will greatly reduce sprouting and disease issues while also enhancing flesh strength, color, and reducing bruising or soft spots while in storage. The active ingredient in Decco DMN Aerosol, 1,4-Dimethylnaphthalene, is a conventional solution used in potato storage programs throughout the industry.

Color and flesh strength are key variables that need to be managed in stored potatoes. French fry and potato chip processors demand uniformity, consistency and high-quality potatoes that come out of storage. Decco DMN Aerosol helps reduce load rejection by working in conjunction with an overall potato storage program. Decco’s new Decco DMN Aerosol is the latest product to be added to its Fresh Defense® portfolio for stored potatoes.

“Our Fresh Defense products are known for protecting your potato investment from harvest to the processing plant,” said Shawn Kennedy, US Potato Manager for Decco. “Now with Decco DMN Aerosol available, Decco can offer a robust Fresh Defense program in conjunction with its CIPC and clove oil products to help protect potatoes in storage.”

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The overall portfolio of Fresh Defense products, including Decco DMN Aerosol, creates many opportunities for Decco and parent company UPL to provide a better customer experience for the potato grower, storage applicator and processor. This week, Decco is partnering with UPL at the 2022 Potato Expo in Anaheim to showcase both Fresh Defense and Decco DMN Aerosol.

“The aim for Decco is to collaborate closer with our crop colleagues at UPL,” said Boomer Cardinale, US Marketing Director for Decco. “Under our OpenAg mission, we can truly offer farm to fork solutions across the value chain. The addition of Decco DMN Aerosol and our other Fresh Defense storage products will greatly complement the UPL potato programs offered in pre-harvest.”

Decco, in conjunction with UPL, will be exhibiting at the 2022 Potato Expo at booth #745 from January 5 to 6, 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

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