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Brazil has 433 registered biopesticides, an increase of 404% over nine years

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29 November 2022, Brasília: Brazil has 433 biopesticides registered until March 2022, showing an increase of 404% over the last nine years. Last year, Brazilian soybean farmers spent BRL829 million on biological pest control while in 2019, they invested BRL391 million, according to Blink Consultancy.

In 2013, there were only 107 biological pesticides registered in the country, which indicates that Brazil leads the adoption of these alternative inputs. Furthermore, by March 2023, it is expected that the registered biological product count will cross 500 in Brazil, proving that this trend is here to stay.

Combating Soybean Crop Loss in Brazil

Anthracnose, target spot, white mold, and Asian rust are some of the major foliar diseases that cause considerable losses to Brazilian soybean crops. To combat these diseases, Brazilian farmers make several applications of chemical fungicides annually and at each cycle, the resistance of pathogens requires the development of new actives to control them.

To achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and sustainably, farmers have been investing more in integrated management and biopesticides to control diseases in crops.

According to Blink, over the past two years, the development of biological pesticides using high formulation technology has seen a 75% growth of this market in the country, rising from BRL946 million in 2019 to BRL1.79 billion in 2021. A study by IHS Markit also predicts the biopesticides sector in Brazil to reach BRL16.9 billion in value by 2030.

Soy crops account for almost half of the use of biopesticides in Brazil today.

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