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Bayer Crop Science launched fungicide Fluopyram for China Market

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08 April 2022, China: Bayer Crop Science China launched fungicide fluopyram by the name Caimei in a product launch ceremony held in Sanya, Hainan Province in China. Distributors, retailers and growers all over Hainan Province participated in the event.

Caimei is a fungicide with a new mode of action. Bayer has 4 brands in the Fluopyram segment in Chinese market.

The product provides a wider range of coverage which includes local speciality cash crops such as waxberry and loquat. Its use with the product Fuliku enables a broader control of diseases and longer duration of control with better quality and efficacy.

Bayer’s Caimei mixture with Fuliku and Golden Caimei gives a broader protection to fruits and vegetables. Golden Caimei is tebuconazole 43%, fluopyram 21.5% and trifloxystrobin21.5% which provides long lasting protection.

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