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BASF Launches SUWEIDA® Natural Pyrethrin Pesticide Aerosol

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25 May 2024, China: BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division, Professional & Specialty Solutions business unit has launched a new household pesticide spray: SUWEIDA® natural pyrethrin pesticide aerosol. This product could help homeowners to solve various pest problems. With the natural pyrethrin as its active ingredient, SUWEIDA pesticide aerosol is friendly to humans and pets alike.

BASF’s SUWEIDA pesticide aerosol’s active ingredient pyrethrin comes from the natural essential oil extracted from the herb pyrethrum. Pyrethrin is quickly degradable into water and carbon dioxide in the environment due to its reaction with light and air, leaving no residue after use. At the same time, pyrethrin is of very low toxicity to mammals, making it one of the least toxic active ingredients among existing pesticides. The pyrethrin used in this product is extracted from the pyrethrum flowers in Yuxi, Yunnan, one of the three major planting areas globally. The source has also been certified by two prestigious organic certification organizations at home and abroad.

Subhash Markad, Head of Professional and Specialty Solutions Asia Pacific, BASF, said, “products and solutions with natural ingredients are increasingly favored by consumers. We are proud to launch the SUWEIDA pesticide aerosol. Now customers in China will have a more convenient and reassuring new solution for mosquitoes and pests this summer. BASF will continue to improve the quality of life for Chinese households through chemical innovations.”

Pyrethrin is friendly to human beings and animals, but deadly to pests. It contains six kinds of insecticidal active ingredients, which could act on the sodium channels of neurons, affecting nerve impulse transmission, thereby bringing to pests movement disorders, paralysis, and finally death. In addition to mosquitoes, they are also fast-acting and effective on flies, cockroaches, etc.

SUWEIDA pesticide aerosol adopts synergistic formula technology, achieving an A-level efficacy; it can exterminate pests within one minute and achieve 100% lethality. Different from conventional aerosol products, SUWEIDA aerosol has also upgraded its nozzle with a fix-dosage spray design to control the dosage more accurately, reducing waste during application and preventing adverse impact on human beings, animals, and the environment caused by excessive application.

Pyrethrin has already been recognized by the organic industry, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It is recognized worldwide as a reliable and effective pesticide ingredient.

As a household pest control brand, BASF’s SUWEIDA aims to provide homeowners with holistic solutions applicable to various pest problems, environmental conditions, and consumer needs, helping users to deal with various pests with ease.

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