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Bangladesh allows pesticide producers to import raw materials from any source

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12 January 2022, Dhaka: Bangladesh pesticide manufacturers can now import raw materials from any source as the government has now lifted the restriction on changing the sourcing companies.

The request was raised by Bangladesh Agrochemicals Manufacturers Association (BAMA) on behalf of its member organisations. BAMA is a trade body of the manufacturers in Bangladesh.

“Earlier, the process of changing sourcing companies was difficult and took 2-3 years. Now, we can change suppliers easily,” said KSM Mustafizur Rahman, convener of the association and managing director of National AgriCare Group.

“When it will come into effect, we will be able to increase production of pesticides substantially and the quality will also be better,” he told the event at a capital hotel, adding that the entrepreneurs can also export the item.

The Notice mentioning the update was released by the Ministry of Agriculture on 29th December last year.

Currently, 22 companies produce pesticides locally and their market share is around 90%, according to the BAMA, while about 600 importers supply the remaining 10% of pesticides to the markets.

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