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Agrochemicals: AI platform ‘MarketTrends’ bridging gap between data and decision making

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05 December 2022, New Delhi: MarketTrends by Farinsys is a Big-Data AI platform for enterprise-level sales & marketing intelligence in Agrochemical Segment. The platform hosts a self-evolving crop-specific Sales and Marketing planner which reduces the planning time to minutes and increases the precision of a plan multi-fold. The platform empowers companies to make data-driven strategic decisions with confidence. The platform pulls in verified data and presents it in a usable format.

By using MarketTrends, Strategic Marketing teams (Portfolio / Crop Managers / Marketing Managers / Sales Managers) need not spend time & effort on data collection, verification, optimization, and visualization. They will be able to focus more on core sales & marketing activities.

Use Case For Agrochemical Companies

The top 10 global Agrochemical companies are adopting data flow technologies on a war footing. The advantages are reflected in their sales number. There are still many companies that have not yet optimized the integration of data in their sales & marketing plan. Such companies face steep competition against market leaders who understand and use this data flow behavior. 

Indian companies usually collect and analyze data during their seasonal budgeting exercises and neglect the data flow which is the biggest bottleneck for them. 

MarketTrends platform creates amazing data experiences with the easy data flow. The platform keeps the Portfolio / Crop Managers / Sales Managers updated about the changing scenarios in the pesticide market. 

The platform provides below listed benefits:

  1. Analyze live crop scenarios.
  2. Speed search Crop Pest usage and formulations.
  3. Scrutinize B2B marketplace for Agrochemical Buyers and Sellers.
  4. Supply chain optimization based on sowing and potential acreage.
  5. Crop wise Sales & Marketing Planner based on acreages and formulations

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About MarketTrends by Farinsys

The platform MarketTrends has been designed by Farinsys Research. Krishak Jagat is an industry partner with Farinsys Research to market the product.

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