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AgFarm to be India’s first ‘Only e-commerce’ agrochemical company

11 March 2022, New Delhi: AgFarm is a Dubai based agrochemical startup which aims to revolutionise the agricultural world digitally by allowing the buyers to access and buy agro-inputs with just a few clicks. Following their vision of producing and providing high-quality agro-based products to Indian consumers the newly launched company has now opened its offices in India as well.

It all started with an objective to help the retailers, dealers and farmers in India and abroad in getting the right deal for their agrochemical related needs. At the young age of 21 years Vaman Alawadhi, a young entrepreneur with a burning passion to craft his own niche in the agro inputs sector, along with his partner Mr Sandeep Chauhan founded ‘AgFarm’.

AgFarm will be the first agrochemical company whose products, which includes herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators, will only be available on e-commerce platforms like nurture.retail, DeHaat, AgroStar, FAARMS etc at never-before attractive prices. At these platforms AgFarm will unlock the digital connections between manufacturers, retailers and dealers and will also allow them to buy the products at affordable prices with best quality assurance. Other than getting the delivery of AgFarm products at their doorstep the buyers will also get additional discounts by using digital payment modes.

When asked about the reason behind taking the risk of skipping the traditional path of over-the-counter selling altogether and selling the products on digital platforms only, Vaman Alawadhi, the Director of AgFarm, said, “It is high time to modernise the agriculture sector in India in every possible way to ensure food quality, food safety, and cost competitiveness. Today, when we are on the verge of adopting modern technologies such as IoT, AI/ML and agri-drones in farming, we should also adopt and promote digital buying and selling of agro inputs to break the vicious circle of mediators and give the dealers, retailers and farmers direct access to manufacturers, leading to fair prices and authentic products for them.”