Crop Nutrition

Seipasa presents its new BioActive line, marking another step forward in high value-added crop nutrition

22 September 2021, US: Seipasa, the Spanish company specialised in the development and formulation of bioinsecticides, biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture, has announced the launch of its new BioActive line, a set of high value-added nutrition products covering crop needs at each stage of development. 

BioActive is initially to be sold on the Spanish market as a top-quality, premium product line which provides complete, efficient nutrition for fruit, vegetable, extensive and ornamental crops. It has three product references, formulated and developed according to Seipasa’s Natural Technology model and authorised for use in organic agriculture under the UNE 142500 standard.

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As Juan Manuel López, Seipasa’s Marketing Manager, explained the aim of this new BioActive line is to offer products that have a differentiating value for nutrition management in agriculture: “BioActive has been built on the premium concept, applying it to agriculture. This is a line of products that provides high added value, aimed at producers who want to ensure the superior level of excellence and quality of their crops”.

Under Seipasa’s Natural Technology model

Francisco Espinosa, Seipasa’s R+D+I Manager, highlights the efforts of the company to develop this new product line which, as well as being highly innovative, is also compliant with the new UNE regulations for use in organic agriculture. 

“The BioActive line is based on our Natural Technology model of product development. We have poured all our experience into formulating these products and have applied all of our expertise into the most careful selection of active substances. Thanks to its micronized Flow formulation BioActive’s technology ensures optimal product dissolving and maximum absorption of nutrients by plants. This results in highly effective products that are both easy to manage and safe for the person applying them”, Francisco Espinosa added. 

Riguer Flow, Filer Flow and Roker Flow

The BioActive Line comprises three references. Riguer Flow is a rhizosphere equalizer developed to improve soil structure. Its action helps reduce water and saline stress. Filer Flow is a solution designed to enhance fruit swelling and ensure the maximum quality of the final harvest. Roker Flow is a formulation based on BioActive compounds that encourages orderly growth of plant tissues and optimises photosynthesis.