Crop Nutrition

How to spray urea on standing crop

29 November 2021, IN: Depending on the age, stage and type of standing crop, 2-3% urea solution is sprayed. Determination of the amount of solution will depend on the vegetative growth of the crop and the spraying device.

200-300 liters of solution is sufficient for spraying on food grain crops with a manual device. If 250 liters of 2% solution is to be sprayed, then dissolve 5 kg urea in 10-15 liters of water first and then make the volume by 250 liters of clean water. Then when the sky is clear, the dew has dried up, the air pressure is low and there is no chance of rain, then only spraying should be done. After that, as per requirement 2-3 sprays at 12-15 days interval can be done to get full benefit.