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Coromandel Fitsol Solanaceae Grades 1 & 2

20 April 2023, New Delhi: A unique 100% water-soluble fertiliser developed for fertigation application in Solanaceous crops like tomato, chilli, capsicum, brinjal etc.

Pack Size 25 Kg.

  • FITSOL Solanaceae Grade 1 contains N:P:K:S-21:12:16:2 with Mg, Zn, B, Fe, Mn, Cu and FITSOL Solanaceae Grade 2 contains N:P:K:S – 14:5:32:2 with Mg, Zn, B, Fe, Cu.
  • Advance water-soluble fertiliser for fertigation in solanaceous crops.
  • Highly customised (crop and stage specific) solution for fertigation crops.
  • Enriched with primary and secondary micronutrients (9-10 nutrients in each product).
  • Non-volatile, easy to apply with no Nitrogen losses to the atmosphere.
  • It is a free flowing product that quickly dissolves in water.
  • Boosts the yield of solanaceous crops, as it is a customised product with most important nutrients required for crops.
  • Well balanced NPK ratio enriched with Sulphur, desirable for improving crop quality (high pungency & better shelf life).
  • K based product with Nitrate form of Nitrogen. Synergism helps in better uptake of Potash which helps in better fruit size.
  • Early fruiting and uniform maturity throughout the crop.
  • No flower drop and excellent fruit setting.

Dosage and application


FITSOL Solanaceae 1: 100kg/acre (2kg/day) (from 10 DAT to 60 DAT)

FITSOL Solanaceae 2: 140kg/acre (2-2.5kg/day) (from 61 DAT to 120 DAT)


FITSOL Solanaceae 1: 100kg/acre (2kg/day) (from 10 DAT to 65 DAT)

FITSOL Solanaceae 2: 120kg/acre (1.5kg/day) (from 66 DAT to 145 DAT)


FITSOL Solanaceae 1: 50kg/acre (1.5kg/day) (from 15 DAT to 50 DAT)

FITSOL Solanaceae 2: 75kg/acre (2kg/day) (from 51 DAT to 85 DAT)


Follow Tomato schedule for Brinjal, Follow Chilli schedule for capsicum with grade 2 dose as 2kg/day. It can be used for secondary crops like watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber.

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