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Coromandel Bosmax

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20 April 2023, New Delhi: A combination of elemental Sulphur (80%) and Boron (1.2%), this fertiliser fulfills secondary and micronutrient requirements of crops right from sowing till maturity.

Pack Size 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 25 Kg, 50 Kg.

  • Wider spread of particles in soil ensure that the root zone gets Sulphur and Boron and results in better intake.
  • Faster soil pH correction improves the availability of other nutrients to the crop at early stage.
  • Readily soluble in water.
  • Facilitates faster oxidation and faster availability of Sulphur and Boron to the crop.
  • Fulfills the Sulphur & Boron requirement of the crop right from its initial growth stage.
  • Improves chlorophyll content.
  • Fulfills hidden hunger of soil.
  • Promotes balanced nutrition in the soil.
  • Helps in developing pest, disease and moisture stress resistance.

Dosage and application

10 kg during land preparation and first fertiliser application. Dosage may vary based on crop type.

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