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Coromandel AcuSpray Chilli

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20 April 2023, New Delhi: 100% water-soluble, this is designed for foliar application with a stage-specific formula enriched with all the primary, secondary and micronutrients.

Pack Size 1 Kg

  • Crop Specific customised solution.
  • Contains 8:14:31:4 (N:P:K:S) & Zn, B, Mn, Mg, Fe, Cu
  • It covers about 30-40 % need of all micronutrients.
  • It provides balance nutrition to the crop, is safe and has effective pH level.
  • More fruits per plant, greater fruit weight.
  • Long and straight fruits, green and shiny fruits and improves pungency of fruits.
  • Less drops of fruits and flowers and less pest and disease incidence.
  • Being a K-based formula it improves the disease and drought resistance.

Gromor AcuSpray Chilli SP should be applied at 10grams/litre of water during flowering, fruit initiation, fruit formation and fruit development stage.

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