Crop Nutrition

Complete Nutrition Solution in a Single Granule for Onion Farmers

  • Mahadhan Croptek’s single granule provides all the essential nutrients of an NPK fertilizer with Zn, B, Mg, S and micronutrients.
  • This innovative solution provides ‘Ek Daane Me Sab Kuch’ to an Onion Farmer.
  • Mahadhan Croptek provides Balanced Nutrition through the Warcry of ‘Kam Lagao, Zyaada Pao’, and Bursts the Myth of ‘Added Yield Through Excess Fertilizer
  • Studies Show that Mahadhan Croptek provides an additional 10-12% yield for an Onion Farmer, while saving up to 20% of his Fertilizer Cost

23 November 2021, Mumbai: Smartchem Technologies Limited (STL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (DFPCL), today announced the formal launch of its innovative fertilizer – ‘CROPTEK’ for onion growers under its flagship brand Mahadhan. STL is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Nitro-Phosphate Fertiliser and Bentonite Sulphur and the market leader in the water-soluble and speciality fertilizer category.

‘Mahadhan Croptek’ is the foremost brand for onion progressive farmers who use secondary nutrients and micronutrients in Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is the first and unique crop-specific crop nutrition solution having essential primary, secondary and micronutrients required by the onion crop.

Due to intensive cultivation practices post green revolution, year after year the deficiency of primary, secondary and micronutrients have grown many folds, making the soils non-sustainable. The situation calls for a scientific approach and sincere efforts to change it for the better. STL did several surveys to understand this issue of low yield due to older technology and low uptake of nutrients and came out with a very innovative approach to address it.

‘Mahadhan Croptek’ means ‘Crop Technology’ and refers to the innovative ‘single granule complete solution’ technology being introduced by Mahadhan in India with Mahadhan’s Nutrient Unlock Technology which unlocks nutrients from single granules of Mahadhan Croptek and improves their uptake into the Onion Crop. Mahadhan Croptek is thus a Giant Leap in Crop Nutrition Technology in India.

The idea was conceptualized about 5 years back followed by series of trials across various locations. The product was extensively tested in the fields of more than 450 farmers for over 3 cropping seasons since 2019.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Chief Guest Mr. Dilip Zende, Director of Agriculture (I&QC), Pune said, “It is encouraging to note that Mahadhan brand has been transforming the lives of the farmers and is among the most respected companies by the Indian farmers. A major concern for onion farmers is stagnant onion yield and the rising cost of production. Innovative solutions in Agribusiness are a boon to the farmers in rural India. In the happiness of farmers lies the joy of every citizen and I congratulate makers of Mahadhan brand for providing the innovative ‘Mahadhan Croptek’ fertilizer to the farming community.”

With a strong R&D base, STL has been addressing the needs of the markets through differentiated value-added consumer-centric products and innovative solutions to the farming community. Throughout the journey, the brand has maintained its grass-roots touch and lived up to its motto, “A Bond of Life”.

Speaking at the launch event, onion farmer Mr. Nikhil Kadam from Sastewadi, Baramati, Pune attested to the efficacy of the solution, saying to his fellow 200+ farmers and dealers present, “‘Ek Daane Me Sab Kuch’ I did not believe that such a solution was possible in India. This has truly been an eye opener for me, and the product works. It saved me money, time, and increased my yield by more than 10% over the last season while trying the product on my farm. I have no hesitation in recommending it to every tech-savvy Onion Farmer in India.”

Announcing the launch Mr. Mahesh Girdhar, (President – Agri-Business, STL) said, “Due to highly imbalanced and non-judicious use of chemical fertilizers and continuous deterioration of soil health, now there is an urgent need to develop and implement solutions and practices which are sustainable and can bring balance in macro and micronutrients usage, improve nutrient use efficiency, and conserve the soil health. We aim to make India’s farmers globally competitive. Farmers are unaware of the scientifically recommended dose of nutrients, hence they tend to apply imbalanced fertilizers. ‘Mahadhan Croptek’ will address these challenges by providing a balanced nutrition solution with precise dosage for the onion crop.”

In the highly homogenized fertilizer market, Mahadhan has been recognized for its consistent quality and the ability to innovate and create differentiated products. The innovative solution is expected to help farmers in their complex decision making at the time of fertilizer and dosage selection to meet the Recommended Dose of Fertilizers (RDF) otherwise, farmers are forced to buy several fertilizers to meet their RDF requirements which often leads to increase in the spends on fertilizer.

“Mahadhan Croptek’ is expected to give farmers a higher price during the offseason, hence better storability will add economic value to them. With the innovative solution, the farmers should now get ready for more number of A and B grade bulbs, higher yield and better storability” said Dr. K. E. Lawande, Ex Vice Chancellor BSKKV, Dapoli.

Mr. Naresh Deshmukh, EVP & Head – Sales & Marketing (CNB), STLassured that the company would ensure regular supply of ‘Mahadhan Croptek’ through its extensive marketing network of dealers and sub-dealers. He said “The company has geared up for aggressive and extensive marketing of the fertilizers as it wants to ensure each onion grower should get it timely and in adequate quantity. It will be available in smaller packs of 40 Kg to avoid the serious ergonomic and transportation-related issues often faced by our farmers.”

Over 150 dealers, 50 progressive onion farmers from key onion growing districts witnessed the ‘Mahadhan Croptek’ launch.