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Cargill releases latest consumer insights report and innovative health & nutrition products at FIC 2023

23 March 2023, Shanghai: The 26th Food Ingredients China is held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center from March 15 to March 17. With the theme of “Unlocking nature’s potential, Building a healthier future”, Cargill, who is participating for the 15th time, is not only presenting a large number of health & nutrition focused innovative food and solutions, but is also releasing its latest proprietary “TrendTracker” study concerning Asia and the globe. Committed to acting as a “connector”, Cargill provides Chinese consumers and customers with industry insights and trends, helping customers to maintain a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving food market.

With forward-looking market insights and a deep understanding of its customers, Cargill is showcasing more than 40 products and solutions from its starches, sweeteners and texturizers, as well as cocoa & chocolate businesses. These products and solutions are in line with the consumer trends highlighted in Cargill’s “TrendTracker 2023” study, with a strong focus on Health & Nutrition and Indulgence which reflects Cargill’s comprehensive solutions and new innovations. Product highlights at this year’s FIC include:

  • Oliggo-FiberTM chicory root fiber — It is the very first time for Cargill to unveil the Oliggo-FiberTM brand and Oliggo-FiberTM chicory root fiber products in China.  Oliggo-FiberTM chicory root fiber is rich in dietary fiber.  
  • Portfolio of stevia sweeteners — pure steviol glycoside brand Truvia®, compounded steviol glycoside sweeteners Unistevia. The products are nature origin and extracted from stevia leaf with Non-GMO Project Verified and good for oral health.
  • EpiCor® postbiotic — Backed by over 75 years of expertise, EpiCor® postbiotic is an ingredient resulting from a specialized anaerobic fermentation process. Eight human clinical studies and seven preclinical studies have demonstrated that EpiCor® postbiotic can beneficially modulate the gut microbiota.
  • RadipureTM pea protein — uses Canada origin non-genetically modified (non-GMO) peas as materials, with excellent digestibility and balanced amino acids profile.
  • Cocoa and chocolate — including Gerkens® DL68 cocoa powder and Ghana liquor GHA24. Gerkens® DL68 is a flavorful light alkalized cocoa powder made with carefully selected cocoa beans from Asia and West Africa, with high colorability and long-lasting chocolatey flavor. The excellence of Ghana origin cocoa liquor is made possible by carefully selecting the single origin cocoa beans and further enhancing the flavors during a fully controlled low roasting process, resulting in a rich and long-lasting chocolatey flavor for your confectionary creations

“Health” becomes a new food “Keyword” in post-epidemic Era

In addition to Cargill’s product exhibition booth, Cargill’s “TrendTracker 2023” report released during FIC is another highlight. Based on the study derived from the analysis of various market research reports, there will be greater purchase of health & wellness food, as well as focus on food safety, convenience and a rise in e-commerce. Cargill’s “TrendTracker 2023” report shares its proprietary insight into macro trends globally and in the APAC. The report spotlights 4 key macro trends:

  1. Healthy For Me. Today’s consumer is taking a more holistic, proactive, and preventative approach to health. A holistic approach considers not just physical health, but also mental and emotional wellbeing. There seems to be a rising tolerance or even appreciation for science, expertise, and food technology. In addition, more and more consumers seek traditionally indulgent food & beverages with a healthier spin.
  2. Experience It. Consumers place a high level of importance on experiences. They want to take control of their own diet, enjoying the products they love without feeling guilt or shame. Regarding food and beverage, taste is table stakes, but the experience can be elevated in many creative ways as consumers appreciate surprise and delight.
  3. Conscious Consumption. Consumers today seek to maximize value as they make food and beverages purchases. In addition, many consumers view their purchases as a reflection of their values and they want to make decisions that support the environment and other societal causes they care about and they expect transparency from brands to help them do that.
  4. Simplify My Life. With consumers staying closer to home these days, they are looking for faster and easier ways to procure, prepare, and clean up food. Omnichannel shopping has accelerated in recent years and there’s no turning back because consumers have gained a better understanding of how technology can make their everyday tasks more convenient.

Since the Plan of Health China 2030 was published and implemented in 2016, “Health China” has become a national strategy. Besides, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are paying much more attention to nutrition and health than before, and their preference for healthy food has significantly improved, which corresponds with the results from Cargill’s “TrendTracker 2023” report.

Based on a deep insight into consumer preferences and business opportunities, Cargill is locally based and globally oriented. By combining extensive global capabilities with deep regional expertise, Cargill provides its food industry customers with the latest technology, research results, risk management and industry-best solutions, and constantly develops customized portfolios to help customers win in the local market.

Innovation is another key factor to realize the customer’s vision. Cargill local market teams are a source of inspiration, co-creation and innovation that help customers unlock the future with speed and agility. With unparalleled food solutions by their side, Cargill enables customers to stay ahead of the competition and regulatory environment today – and tomorrow. Cargill has two Innovation Centers in Shanghai and Beijing to drive innovation around new products, new flavors, and new menus in the areas of food ingredients, animal protein, etc. Beyond China, Cargill also has Innovation Centers in Singapore and India to support its Chinese customers’ growth ambitions across the APAC region.

“The capabilities and innovation we are bringing to FIC will help customers better meet consumer needs in China market,” said Ming Peng, Managing Director, Cargill Food Ingredients for North Asia and Australia. “Having been in the Chinese market for over 50 years, Cargill has been working hard to share the expertise we have accumulated in our global practices with the Chinese market. Looking ahead, Cargill will continue to play the role of “connector” in the food industry, leveraging our extensive product portfolio, production and innovation capabilities, and global insights to help our customers develop healthy, delicious, innovative and sustainable products that meet changing consumer trends. We want to remain not only the leading food ingredient supplier that our customers trust, but also their partner of choice for innovation and growth.”

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