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Blue Horizons Film Series Highlights Ocean-Sourced Solutions from Acadian Plant Health™

26 June 2024, Canada: Acadian Plant Health, a global leader in biostimulant technologies, is proud to be showcased in Blue Horizons, a new branded series presented by the World Ocean Council and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

This unique online series, which includes an article produced for Acadian Plant Health, explores how the ocean is connected with each and every one of our lives. Something as simple as seaweed can help shift global agriculture from being the world’s largest driver of soil degradation to one of its greatest restorers.

“The use of seaweed in agriculture helps us go beyond sustainability to helping regenerate an ecosystem and restore soil,” says James Maude, Senior Vice President of Portfolio Development, Acadian Plant Health. “Seaweed technologies help improve soil health, which in turn plays a vital role in our ability to grow healthy, productive crops and support the resiliency of our food production potential for generations to come.”

The article explores how the ocean is transforming the future of agriculture. Highlighting the role that Acadian’s seaweed-based technologies play in regenerative agriculture and helping crops thrive despite increasing climatic challenges, the film features interviews with members of the global Acadian Plant Health network, from seaweed harvesters in Scotland to farmers in Brazil.

Biostimulants are a crucial and innovative tool in agriculture with active ingredients that trigger the plant’s physiological processes to help increase stress tolerance against climatic changes while improving soil health.

“With soil health at the center of regenerative agriculture, improving the diversity of the soil microbiome below ground is an important benefit of seaweed extracts,” says James Maude.

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