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Benefits of Coromandel Nano DAP for Crops

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16 March 2023, New Delhi: Nano DAP is an in-house invented and manufactured product of Coromandel that is based on  Nanotechnology. It is a unique liquid fertilizer product that contains nanoparticles of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP). It is a source of nitrogen and phosphorus – 2 key primary nutrients essential for the growth of crops. The small size of Nano DAP (< 100 nm) and high surface area drive the easy absorption by plant leaves. This novel nano-formulation helps in better crop growth and yield, reduced environmental burden, and increased farmer profitability.

Features of Nano DAP

  • Nano DAP is opalescent white aqueous Nano fertilizer for foliar application.
  • It contains Nanoparticles of DAP with N – 2% (w/v) and P2O5 – 5%(w/v)
  • It has a small size and high surface area that enables increased Nutrient Use
  • Efficiency and higher absorption.
  • Nano size of DAP is ideal for systemic absorption.
  • It has suitable stabilizers for the best stability and efficiency of the product.

Benefits of Nano DAP

  • Nano DAP is a liquid formulation that enables high Phosphorous and Nitrogen availability to the plant.
  • The NP ratio of 1:2.5 is suitable for better crop establishment and flowering.
  • Nano DAP is suitable for all crops including cereals, fruits, vegetables, oil seeds, pulses, onion, cotton, Sugarcane, etc.

Nano DAP Pack Size: 1 liter

Nano DAP Dosage: Nano DAP can be used for all crops. The dosage of Nano DAP is 500 ml /acre.

Number of Sprays: Two sprays, one at vegetative state (4-5 weeks after crop sown/transplant) and the other before the flowering stage of the crop.

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