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BASF to strengthen its commitment as a leading ingredients partner in nutrition, flavor and fragrance industries

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23 July 2022, Germany: BASF’s Nutrition & Health division is strengthening its position as ingredients partner for the animal nutrition and human nutrition industries by combining the strategic and operational responsibility in one global business unit, Nutrition Ingredients. In doing so, the focus will be on leveraging and further strengthening core product platforms and assets for vitamins and carotenoids that are deeply rooted into the BASF Verbund as well as expanding the business with feed enzymes.

In 2021, BASF completed an investment in a vitamin A plant expansion in Ludwigshafen, Germany to enhance vitamin A supply and will now expand its world-scale vitamin A formulation plant for animal nutrition with start-up scheduled in mid-2023. Moreover, in January 2022, BASF has expanded the production capacity of its feed enzymes plant in Ludwigshafen, which will further support the growth plans of customers in the animal nutrition industry.

For Aroma Ingredients, the organization will be further developed to support growth opportunities and investments, address sustainability trends and leverage proximity to growth markets.

 “We have a leading position as a strong partner in nutrition, flavor, fragrance and pharma markets. We need to evolve by tailoring our business portfolio with growth investments into our core value chains, technology and R&D capabilities to meet sustainability needs and address the challenges of climate change,” said Anup Kothari, President, Nutrition & Health.

One global business unit for Nutrition Ingredients

The new Nutrition Ingredients global business unit based in Germany will build on large-scale product platforms supported by the division’s technology leadership and will be led by Senior Vice President Julia Raquet.

BASF will continue to serve its customers in animal nutrition and human nutrition with dedicated teams. Beyond vitamins and carotenoids, feed enzymes will focus on high-quality ingredients to support animal nutrition customers in maximizing the nutritional value of feed.

BASF’s food and health performance ingredients portfolio, which is produced at the company’s site in Illertissen, Germany, plays a vital role in addressing growing trends in human nutrition. However, the business has limited portfolio synergies and integration into the BASF Verbund. Therefore, strategic options will be evaluated to identify suitable opportunities for this business. The evaluation will not impact BASF’s food and health performance ingredients production in Illertissen, supply abilities or commitments to customers.

Supporting further growth opportunities by developing the organization for Aroma Ingredients into a global business unit

To meet the growing demands of the flavor and fragrance industry, BASF will further develop the organization for Aroma Ingredients into a global business unit led by Senior Vice President Thilo Bischoff. The Aroma Ingredients unit will be headquartered in Singapore. This will ensure proximity of the Aroma Ingredients headquarters to major growth markets in Asia, while fully maintaining the strong commitment and connection to markets in the other regions.

Pharma Solutions to maintain its growth path

Pharma Solutions will continue to be based in the United States and be led by Senior Vice President Jeffrey DeAlmeida. BASF will support customers in developing effective and reliable formulations with high-quality biopharmaceuticals, excipients, active ingredients and tailored digital solutions.

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