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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Western Canadian Field Pea Crop

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15 June 2022, Canada: Peas are a great nitrogen fixing crop option that can improve soil health. Growing peas allows a grower to introduce different herbicide groups into their herbicide rotation plan.  FBN® is well positioned to support your field pea crop in western Canada. 

Let’s look at four ways to get to get the most out of your field pea crop this year:

1. Planting

Rather than relying on using refined nitrogen in peas, inoculants are a great tool  to promote nodulation and as a result nitrogen fixation. Inoculants can be applied as a liquid or peat product directly on seed or alternatively granular inoculants can be applied in furrow during planting.

FBN offers several Liquid and Granular Inoculants to fit most needs, maximizing inoculation, and ensuring N fixation.

Rolling peas after planting helps bury rocks and provides a uniform seedbed aiding with plant establishment and helps prepare the field for harvest.

2. Weed Control

Season-long weed control in peas can be challenging, so using a residual product can help improve extend efficacy.

Benz combines two effective modes of action: Imazamox (group 2) and Bentazon (Group 6) and provides contact as well as residual control on many weeds in Field Peas.

Benz offers  broadleaf and grass weed control in Field peas and has equivalent or higher efficiency comparable to other commercial products.

Benz provides great control of Volunteer Canola (all types) and All (even herbicide resistant) Wild Mustard, as well as control of Cleavers and Kochia and suppression of Wild Buckwheat

For best grassy weed control in peas, applying a tank mix of  Pro Ag UAN 28-0-0 with Benz is recommended. 

Available in 2 x 8.1L Cases or 129.6 L Drums, and can be purchased with Pro Ag UAN 28-0-0 from FBN to complete the package.

3. Micronutrient Support

Augmenting fertility if required, and providing micronutrients that help support  plant health and  alleviate post herbicide application stress, Afterburner 3-15-15 + Mg helps plants quickly recover from herbicide application.

B Sure is a proven biostimulant that helps the pea plant in abiotic conditions. From moisture stress to hail, frost or herbicide application, B Sure is a very effective product to support plant productivity.

4. Fungicide 

There are multiple tools available to help manage and mitigate anticipated disease pressure in peas.  FBN offers effective pulse fungicides that control the most damaging diseases in peas, while maximizing a growers ROI potential.  Sharda Fungtion SCPreach Fungicide, are key strobiluron’s to control key pulse diseases such as Aschocyta and Anthracnose. 

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