Symborg leaps to the gardening sector with its new sustainable troop garden line

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09 September 2021, UK: Symborg aims to revolutionize the gardening sector with the launch of TROOP Garden, a new range of innovative products based on microorganisms. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, TROOP Garden’s solutions improve the growth and well-being of plants.

“With TROOP Garden, we offer home gardeners a wide range of effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly products,” explains Francisco Javier García Domínguez, Chief Marketing Officer at Symborg.

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With this step, Symborg is bringing the success achieved with its agricultural products to gardening and landscaping. The company’s objective is to advance in its commitment to sustainability, maximizing plant care with the minimum of resources and without risks to human, animal and environmental health. García Domínguez says:

“Society is immersed in a transformation towards more sustainable practices, which can become a real challenge for the consumer. TROOP Garden is our way of addressing that need and responding to an undoubtedly growing demand. We are leading a shift towards more sustainable and efficient practices”.

Successful agricultural biotechnology is now available for your home garden

TROOP Garden comes to the market with three products that stand out for their easy application: AbsorptionActivation and Nitrofix. Under the motto “an ally for your plants“, these solutions based on microorganisms establish a symbiotic or endophytic relationship with the plant, improving its growth and well-being.

All TROOP Garden solutions have been scientifically tested and backed by Symborg’s cutting-edge technology, which has more than 10 years of experience in the agricultural sector worldwide, with products marketed in more than 50 countries.

This new TROOP Garden line is born with an international vocation and will soon be present in different countries around the world. Currently, its products can be found in garden centers and plant nurseries throughout Spain, as well as at the Iberflora fair, which will take place in October in Valencia.

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