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Certis biologicals’ new Melocon® LC fights yield-robbing nematodes, features liquid formulation, greater grower convenience

01 February 2022, Columbia: Certis Biologicals today announced the launch of MeloCon® LC (Active Ingredient: Purpureocilium lilacinum strain 251), a water dispersible concentrate containing spores from a naturally-occurring soil fungus which controls a wide variety of harmful nematodes at every lifecycle stage.

Plant parasitic nematodes, an unseen threat that American growers are facing in increasing numbers, can cause significant root damage to a variety of crops, weakening the overall health of plants and diminishing crop yield.

The improved liquid concentrate formulation of MeloCon® LC brings a variety of advantages to growers of both organic and conventional acreage. The liquid formula provides greater convenience in storage, handling and tank-mixing and allows for application flexibility when fumigant and conventional chemistries cannot be applied.

“We heard growers when they said they needed a sustainable product that could be applied at various times during the growing season and even multiple times to protect acres that work twice as hard with double-cropping,” says Chris Judd, Global Vice-President of Marketing. “MeloCon® LC is proven and effective while providing more flexibility in handling and applications, making it a powerful tool for IPM strategies, which contribute to increased yield and overall root and soil health.”

MeloCon® LC is labeled for use in all states except California, with registration pending, and Puerto Rico. The new formulation will be most beneficial for growers of potato, sweet potato, carrot, asparagus, garlic, onion, strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupes, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, squash and permanent crops such as berries, citrus, tree nuts and tree fruit.

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“Nematodes are found in almost all soils. Some are worse than others, but once established in the field, nematodes are difficult to eradicate and must be managed,” says Karla Medina, Ph.D., Field Development Manager. “Plant parasitic nematodes lurk under the soil, which makes them a hidden danger and a major threat to the overall health and resilience of plants’ root systems to withstand threat by other pests and diseases.”

“Devising an integrated nematode management program in agricultural systems will prevent major losses to yield, and MeloCon® LC is an ideal tool to control damage done by nematodes as part of an integrated program,” she says. “Because plant parasitic nematodes affect the plant’s overall health, if soils are not managed to control nematodes, they can reduce your crops’ ability to produce year after year.”

Growers who are interested in integrating MeloCon® LC into their IPM plans for the 2022 growing year can learn more about the product by visiting or contacting their local Certis sales team member or trusted Certis distributor or retailer.