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AlgaEnergy certifies its commitment to sustainability through the EIC GHG Programme

The biotechnology company has joined and completed the first phase of the EIC Greenhouse Gas (EIC GHG) Programme, promoted by the European Innovation Council, with the aim of measuring, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of European companies. 

19 September 2022, EU: AlgaEnergy, a leading international company in the microalgae biotechnology sector and its applications, continues to demonstrate and certify its firm commitment to sustainability. It is with good reason, microalgae provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe through photosynthesis, and at the same time, they represent the largest and most efficient CO2 sink on the planet. 

Thus, the biotechnology company has adhered to the EIC Greenhouse Gas (EIC GHG) Programme, which, promoted by the European Innovation Council (EIC), offers the necessary support and experience to efficiently measure, reduce and offset the footprint of carbon of applicant companies and organizations. 

The EIC GHG Programme is a journey towards carbon neutrality in Europe, with a set of actions and steps that SMEs can benefit from. This includes the use of a greenhouse gas (GHG) tool designed to assess a company’s carbon footprint and suggest mitigation measures, and includes activities and working groups with companies, industry associations and regions all in ‘transition of carbon’. 

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