More Money Per Acre for Less Work With New Indigo Ag Carbon Program Updates

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07 June 2024, Boston: Indigo Ag today announced major updates to its carbon program which will maximize financial returns for farmers and agribusiness partners, simplify the participation process, and open doors to new sustainability markets stretching from carbon and Scope 3 programs to realizing the value of biofuel tax credits like 45Z.

“This announcement represents years of investment to repeatedly generate and realize the true potential of high-integrity, nature-based, certified carbon credits,” said Dean Banks, Indigo Ag CEO. “The tireless work of Indigo’s engineering and science teams means farmers can now be onboarded in minutes not days. In addition, farmers can now also dramatically increase their ability to sequester carbon per acre while maintaining the scientific rigor that warrants a significant premium. We’re thrilled to help farmers make more money!”

Among the significant changes to the program is the increasing value per acre. More precise at capturing what is happening on the farm, Indigo’s Carbon program will produce more carbon impact per acre starting with the upcoming 4th carbon crop. With enhanced data and model performance, many fields are expected to see a notable increase in credit generation, in some cases as much as 40-60%. Additionally, carbon credit prices have increased from $20-$40 per credit to as high as $80 per credit, with 75% of the weighted price for a carbon credit crop going back to the farmer.

Indigo Ag’s data collection experience is also set to become 80% more efficient with farmers now able to submit data in as little as 30 minutes, compared to the previous multi-day processes.

“Indigo Ag’s continued investment in science and technology translates to more profit per acre for farmers,” said Jed Miller, Chief Strategy Officer, Ag Partners Coop. “Their commitment to accessibility enables any farmer to join the sustainability marketplace, unlocking consistent and dependable revenue streams.”

The overall detailed program updates include:

More Value:

  • On average, more dollars per acre back to the farmer due to higher carbon generation with an updated and expanded model, scientifically validated and recently approved by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR)
  • Higher carbon credit prices, putting even more dollars back in growers’ pockets.
  • A guaranteed minimum payment to qualifying farmers who plant cover crops for the first time

Easier to Use:

  • A streamlined data submission experience
  • Intuitive crop management plan interface for a more user-friendly experience
  • Farmers no longer need to provide many years of historical data. Instead, they share how a typical crop is managed and grown in a 5-year rotation.

More Opportunities:

  • Nationwide program availability across the continental US opens doors to new markets
  • Direct path to participate in Scope 3 opportunities when enrolled in Carbon by Indigo provides more flexibility, ensuring that farmers and agribusiness partners can capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable practices

“A lot of companies talk about carbon credits; Indigo doesn’t just talk. They do what they say, and they deliver,” said Greg Fynboh, Minnesota Farmer and Indigo Ag Carbon program participant.

To date, farmers participating in Indigo Ag’s sustainability solutions have collectively earned more than $12 million.

Indigo Ag’s carbon calculator makes it easy for farmers to understand their investment and potential benefits. Growers interested in participating can sign up with a trusted partner or directly through Indigo Ag.

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